Why Your Brewery Needs A Website

Social media can be an efficient marketing tool, however breweries rely on a strong brand to succeed. A website helps strengthen that.

Many breweries assume Facebook can serve as the primary site for customer interaction and visibility. While it can be an efficient marketing tool, enterprising brewers would be wise to understand the need for a dedicated website, too. Remember, not all of your current and potential customers have social media accounts, but they likely have access to the Web. Don’t miss your chance to connect with them. Continue reading to see why creating your brewery’s own .com (or .beer!) is the way to go.

Becoming Credible is Inevitable

Today, more and more consumers search for services or products on the internet. (As of 2015, more than 3.2 billion people were internet users.) By creating a searchable website, you’ll lend credibility to your business and build trust with customers.

Think, for instance, about a potential customer searching for local breweries near them. If they find a Facebook page for your brewery, but a website and social channels for a competitor, they’re more likely to perceive that business as more trustworthy and credible than yours. A website takes more time, planning, and execution to be successful, whereas a Facebook account takes a name and email address. When you have both, you’re showing customers that your brewery is a serious business. Similarly, if you’re not staying competitive with your competition, you’re giving potential customers a reason to look elsewhere.

More Bang For Your Buck

Contrary to popular belief, creating a professional website isn’t as cost prohibitive as one might think. With various website building and hosting platforms like Wix.com and Squarespace.com, getting a site up and running is relatively cheap. Costs can vary, but generally, expect to pay under $100 a month and as little as $20 for a clean, stylish design.  Remember, though, you get what you pay for. While these options offer a quick hosting solution, they don’t account for the time it will take to update your page content and manage your website. Consider pursuing the services of a well-trained web developer who can help you balance the professionalism of your own web page with the time it takes to run it efficiently – giving you more time to focus on creating and serving the best brews possible.

Also, though you can create a Facebook page for free, you’ll likely spend more in boosted or promoted posts trying to reach your followers than you will managing your own web page. Plus, by investing in a designated website, you control the content and can optimize it for search engines. That increases your chances of appearing at the top of Google’s search results and providing more visibility to potential customers, unlike a Facebook page only.

Your Brand, Your Rules

Breweries rely on a strong brand to succeed, and a website strengthens it. When you manage the content and messaging, you’re able to set the voice, tone and character of your brewery and help consumers learn more about what sets you apart from everyone else. Use it to tell your story. Who are you and why did you get started? What makes you unique? Why are your brews worthy of a visit? Your website is your space to show off and boast a little. There’s a reason why your brewery began – just take some time to tell people about it.

Also, keep in mind, a Facebook page is controlled by Facebook. If they change their policies or capabilities, you’re left with little to no options. Conversely, when you create your own website, you give yourself a “storefront” that’s accessible all day every day. Your content is readily available whenever consumers are trying to find it. Clearly, there are definite perks to having a Facebook page, but you get the most bang for your buck when you combine it with a well-run website.

Now that you know why a website is important, what you can do with it, and how the benefits outweigh those of a Facebook page only, [eafl id=”1000″ name=”Brewio” text=”learn how Brewio can help you get a professional brewery website.”] (and more time making the brews you love and serving them to those who love them).