How to Create a Cohesive Brand For Your Brewery

This article discusses how to create a cohesive brand for your brewery business, and includes some useful resources to make this process easier to do.

When you think about a brand, some major players like Nike, Southwest Airlines or Anheuser-Busch might come to mind. And for good reason, too. Most people only think of a brand in terms of its signature colors and mark, but it’s really a representation of everything the brand is and everything the brand aspires to be. The logo and colors are important to reinforcing perception, but it’s the culmination of many different factors that truly separate one brand from another.

A good brand is born from cohesion. It’s vital to everything you do, from what you say on social media to the logo design you choose. If you aren’t consistent with your messaging, you’ll weaken your brand and make it difficult for customers to remember who you are and what makes you different. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you navigate the stages of brand identity and help build your overall perception.

  • Fill out a brewery questionnaire. This will help your designer create the look and feel of the brand (more on hiring professionals below). Think about what type of personality you want your brand to have. Is your brewery casual and quirky? Is it modern and polished? What about your competitive advantage? Do you make interesting sours or ciders? Are your ingredients sourced locally? Reflect on what makes you special and what you want customers to know about you from the beginning. Answering these questions will help you and the designer determine your image and voice.
  • Hire a professional to create a style guide and logo/mark. (BONUS: We offer this service!). A style guide is a tool created by a designer that ensures that content distinguishes a brand from its competitors, and is cohesive. Style guides typically include the following elements:
    • Logo/Mark
    • Typeface
    • Tone/Voice
    • Photography Guidelines
    • Colors (Primary and Secondary)
    • Icons (As Applicable)
    • Patterns (As Applicable)

By creating and referring to a style guide, you’ll have some framework in place to help determine which elements to use where – like Facebook ads, social media profile photos, label designs, website, etc. Remember, the style guide is everything you need to define your brewery and brand. Don’t deviate from it and let it determine your design decisions.

  • Create a “talking logo” that describes your business logo in a short sentence. This is important because it allows you to define what your brand should sound like on social media, through digital channels, on print collateral, etc. Think about it like a 60-second elevator pitch. How would you describe your brewery to someone who asks, “What do you do for a living?” or “Why should I visit your brewery?”
  • Use the talking logo and questionnaire to help guide the copy that you put on your advertisements and your social media postings. If you hire someone to do either of these things (and you absolutely should), these items will help guide them to do your brand justice. As mentioned above, you should consider including a section in your style guide on tone and voice to help keep your content clear and cohesive. Consider 3-4 words you would use to describe your brewery (upbeat, approachable, clever, quirky, etc.) and use that to guide your copy.

In a competitive market like the brewing industry, it’s crucial to develop a strong brand that stands out from the crowd. It will help you grow your brewery business, improve your reach and visibility, and attract customers who want to know more about you. It’s a fun and rewarding process and one that will pay dividends. Where do you get started? BeerMaps is a great place to get started building your brand!

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