How To Manage Your Brewery Website Faster

Now that you have a dedicated website for your brewery, lets look at how to manage that site faster!

Now that you know more about the importance of a dedicated website for your brewery, let’s talk about how you can manage your site faster. As a brewery owner, it can be challenging to designate enough time to update and refresh web copy, especially when you’re trying to make and serve the best beer possible. Fortunately, there are now several tools and services that can streamline the process for you and give you more time to do the things you want to do.

Typically, a brewery’s website will include basic information like hours of operation, contact forms, beer or tap list, and upcoming events. Using the following recommended tools, you can easily manage the content and work more efficiently. After all, why waste time completing unnecessary steps when you have resources at your disposal to get them done faster?

Contact Forms and Email Marketing with Ninja Forms

With Ninja Forms, the ultimate form-building tool for WordPress, you can create a contact form and add it anywhere on your website with the form’s shortcode. When users submit through your contact form, you’re able to create various actions, like sending an email to your inbox or messaging a group of people. All messages are saved inside WordPress for future reference, too.

Even with those solid capabilities, Ninja Forms is at its best when used in conjunction with an email marketing system like MailChimp. If you choose to build a mailing list (and you absolutely should), Ninja Forms has several add-ons that allow you to create multiple newsletter signup forms, plus add people to different MailChimp groups based on the forms they complete. What does that mean for you? It gives you the ability to decide what content is served to whom.

For instance, if you host food pairing events, you can let guests sign up through the form. Then, you’ll receive notification once they’ve completed the form, which gives you the ability to send them messages directly related to that topic. By serving up relevant content, you’ll ensure that your subscribers stay on your mailing list.

Beer/Tap List using Easy Beer Lister

When you own or manage a brewery, time management is essential. That’s why it’s important to find tools that can help you get your to-do list completed even faster, like The Easy Beer Lister (with Untappd Importer). Don’t squander precious time working to keep your site up-to-date. This plugin allows you to provide all the information about your beer, such as ABV, IBU, suggested pairings, and more directly from the content you currently have on Untappd, as well as simplifying the updating process to your web page. Type the information about your beer into the tool and it will automatically update everywhere on your site. Plus, the Easy Beer Lister is compatible with any WordPress theme, and the look and feel of your menu and beer page can be customized to your style and brand.

As if that wasn’t enough, the tool also has a menu printing option. You can quickly and easily create custom menus that filter your beers. For example, let’s say you want to print off a menu of what’s on tap, sorted by ABV, with the description, title, price, and photo of the beers. That can be configured with just a few checkboxes. Or, say you are hosting a tasting and only want to print a menu of beers that pair with the specific food you’re serving. You can do that, too. It’s just another way to manage your time effectively and provide the best user experience possible for your customers.

Events Calendar using Facebook Event Integration

You’ve worked hard to create events at your brewery that both new and repeat customers want to attend. Date, time and important details have been posted to your social channels and on your website – all the boxes have been checked. But now, the event is nearly here and you have a last-minute change. What do you do? How do you update information as quickly as possible across multiple sites without doubling your efforts?

With the Event Aggregator, you can easily pull event listing data from your Facebook Events directly into your website’s WordPress calendar. Plus, it gives you a place to direct people who haven’t connected with you on Facebook to upcoming events that might interest them. For a reasonable one-time rate, you can use this tool to automatically import your Facebook events onto your site without duplicating your efforts. No more adding event details twice or being forced to choose between updating social media or your site content. Simply stated, this plugin will help you do twice the work in half the time. For a brewer, that’s worth its weight in gold.

Just Use Our Website Builder, Brewio

Forgive us for being so blunt here, but our website building and hosting solution, [eafl id=”1000″ name=”Brewio” text=”but our website building and hosting solution, Brewio”] took all of the important features a brewery website needs, and neatly packaged them up with an easy to use website builder. With events calendar management, contact forms, Easy Beer Lister, and many other features, We believe it’s the best option for breweries looking to build their website on their own. There are affordable price options, comparable to other website builders, and there’s even a free tier if you just want to try it out first.

Whether you choose to use one or all of the tools above, the main takeaway here is that you have resources at your disposal to make managing your web page even easier. Don’t let the worry and challenge of posting up-to-date content and information keep you from having a site. And for additional information and guidance, read more about how you can spend less time managing your website here.