Why You Should Sell On Your Brewery Website

In this article, we talk about how selling products on your website will do much more than generating some extra revenue for your business.

When your first launched your website, you likely did so with a goal in mind. For most, that objective is to sell either your business or your product - sometimes both. Unfortunately, if your website isn’t successfully nailing the one job you had planned for it (selling), it’s simply taking up space online. To help combat that, we have some quick tips below to address how your online store can be used to funnel more traffic into your taproom.

Ability to Retarget

The most valuable aspect of selling things online is not the actual sales of the product. That might seem counterintuitive, but in actuality, the data you get when a user browses your site is the real benefit. So, if a person visits your site and you have a Facebook pixel enabled, you can create targeted ads to the people who actually visited your site, not just a sweeping campaign with no qualifiers. That’s extremely powerful, because it allows you to create a very specific set of ads to send to these visitors that otherwise may not make sense to send.

Think of it this way. Let’s say someone purchases a brewery tour. They go through the tour, and at the end, you promote your Mug Club. You invite people to sign up, and those who do get added to a list of Mug Club members. The ones who do not will automatically start receiving ads with special offers for your Mug Club a week or two later. You’re likely to have more success converting these people into repeat customers because they’ve already expressed interest in your brewery and its product, and now you’re strategically marketing enticing offers to them.

Effective Campaign Tracking

One of the challenges with brewery marketing online is that the person has to go to the physical location in order to make a purchase, however, most Facebook ad campaigns focus on getting the user to do something online first. Things such as liking you on Facebook or subscribing to your email list, for example. But what happens after that? How can you get the people who already like your page to take it to the next level?

More often than not, this “next level” comes from getting them to whip out their wallet online. You can encourage that by promoting swag sales, highlighting an upcoming event (with corresponding ticket purchase call to action), advertising Mug Club memberships, or promoting a brewery tour.

Without a website, these things cannot be tracked. You will never know how an ad campaign that simply asks people to come to the brewery will perform, but if you ask them to sign up for an event, that action can be tracked. And if it can be tracked, you can find a way to monetize it.

Outsourcing Work

Speaking of swag, your website is a great place to offer merchandise sales. If the thought of that overwhelms you, don’t let it. The extra effort that goes into printing shirts, hats and other items can be outsourced to a local print shop, leaving you more time for the things you love to do.

Better yet, you’ll be supporting a local business while also automating the production process. And once those items begin to sell (featuring your brand prominently displayed), you’ll essentially create brand ambassadors that are paying you to proudly wear your logo and designs while they’re out and about.

Create Avid Fans

A final reason why selling on your website is a good idea comes down to customer acquisition and retention. The majority of your customer base will be comprised of people who’ve visited your brick and mortar, and people who’ve heard of you but haven’t stopped in, yet. How do you convert these outliers into ardent fans? Easy. You use your existing fan base to tell your story for you.

Studies have shown that having one enthusiastic consumer talking about a product, message or person can outweigh any other promotion you might do. That means video should become one of your go-to resources, and should be used on your website as a visual testimonial. You don’t even have to use expensive camera equipment to achieve the desired effect; an iPhone or flip camera will do just fine.

Simply record people speaking freely about your brewery and/or product and then upload that video to your website. You can embed it directly in the homepage, or create a separate tab or section called Customer Reviews or Testimonials. If people are on your website hearing others rave about your brewery, they’ll be more inclined to see what all the hype is about for themselves. Your website is ideal place to let your fans do the selling for you. You just have to ask.

Now you’re armed with the proper knowledge to let your website do what it was made to do: bring awareness to your brewery and create money-making opportunities. But keep this in mind, too: people don’t want to be sold, they want to be engaged, enlightened, and entertained.

If you combine the touch points above with compelling content and copy, you’ll get the sale. Ask for the sale without creating engagement and you’ll get nothing. Your website is arguably the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Fully optimize it and you’ll see what a difference it can make for you and your brewery.