These Breweries Are Totally Doing Instagram Right

The six best breweries on Instagram, showing the personality of their business with beautiful and sometimes fun photography.

The power of social media marketing is well-documented and well-researched. Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, small businesses, major brands, and multiple generations have used the platform to connect with friends and followers, show some personality, and bring attention to products and services. Breweries are part of that group, and in most cases, leading the pack with thoughtful and compelling posts that help them build a loyal fanbase and engage with the fans they already have.

Once you create your Instagram account (or if you already have one ready to go), get inspired with content and photography ideas from some of the six best breweries on the platform, and find out what steps they take to separate themselves from the competition.

Maine Beer Company

With a tagline like “Do What’s Right,” you know it has to be good. Maine Beer Co. is a perfect example of a brewery combining corporate responsibility and social awareness with personality and good natured fun.

In this particular post, they showed their humorous side with a creative image that alerted their followers to an early closing time. Instead of posting a standard, unoriginal “we’re closed” photo, they found a way to interject personality into their profile.


The crew at Rhinegeist in Cincinnati have an incredibly talented photographer either on their staff or on their payroll. All of the images on posted to their account are stunning and very well done. But what they do particularly well is find unique ways to highlight their brews through interesting angles or video shoots. This short sneak peek video is a best-in-class example of how you could announce a new brew in the lineup or beer on tap.

These guys are so good, we’re including two examples. Rhinegeist is masterful at letting the personalities of their team members shine. In this video clip, they bring attention to a charity event and have some fun kidding around with their staff at the same time.

To create something similar, you don’t need to spend a ton of money. You can forego the background music and simply shoot some quick clips on your smartphone of your employees’ reciting their favorite movie quotes or competing against each other to see who has the best pour. Get creative, have fun, and engage your staff – by doing so, you’re sure to see engagement from your followers, just like that of Rhinegeist.

Trillium Brewing

Trillium Brewing does an exceptional job of showcasing their beers front and center. The photography angles are captivating and eye-catching. In this post, they announced the resurgence of their flagship ale, and also included a well-written and descriptive paragraph of ingredients to further entice the reader to check them out. If you weren’t intrigued by the photo alone, the caption really drove it home.

Alchemist Beer

This team has one of the most creative, original use of hashtags by a brewery (or really any business on social media, for that matter). #Weeklyhose is a simple concept that does wonders for this brewery. They simply snap a photo of the rubber hose they use during the brewing process when it has a particularly cool shape or design and voila! A weekly social hashtag is born. This works well for Alchemist Beer because their can designs tend be graphical, too. It’s a good 1:1 reinforcement for their brand.

Tree House Brewing Company

Don’t lose sight of capturing moments that might seem mundane to you. Even the simplest of tasks or steps in the brewing process can be great content for your followers on social. Tree House Brewing Company is exceptional at taking followers along the beer-making journey. Though they’re outstanding at showing off their beers with beautiful lighting and staged shots (and especially those that highlight their logo), where they truly shine is through their stylized captures of the brewing process. It helps their fans feel connected on a deeper level and builds excitement for their bestsellers and new varieties alike.

As you’ll see in that same post, they do a great job at engaging with their followers through the comment section, too. They keep their personality and brand voice without overdoing it or sounding trite. It’s not necessary to respond to every comment, but try to address the main questions or reply to active fans and watch the impact your words can have.

Hill Farmstead Brewery

These folks take a special angle when it comes to their brews. One of the biggest takeaways from their Instagram account is the use of engaging ingredient photos, like those that highlight the citrus they use in their fruit beer. Sure, the photos are sharp and colorful, but they also have a secondary message that’s a bit more subtle…it tells their followers they use fresh ingredients to make their beers. And that is a fact worth advertising.

Now that we’ve seen what strategies some of the breweries are utilizing on Instagram, let’s recap the main takeaways. Use your Instagram accounts to share high-quality photos that feature your beers in a different and unique perspective. Try filming and sharing some quick videos of your staff that allow their personalities to shine. Showcase behind-the-scenes content that takes your followers through the brewing process with you – don’t underestimate which steps might interest your fans. Use custom hashtags to tell the story about something special to you and your brewery, then post weekly content that highlights it. And finally, remember that your Instagram account is a platform for you to show your personality. With it, you can engage with those who already know about you, and connect with those who want to.