Why Your Brewery Should Use Social Media Scheduling

Let us teach you how to make your social media work for you, with the right tools to make it easy and helps your new brewery grow and excel.

Let’s set the scene for you. You own a new brewery and are counting down the days until you officially open your doors. The beer is ready, the location is set, and the customers are eager. You even have your social accounts secured. But with so many last-minute details to finalize, posting relevant and timely content to your pages is the furthest thing from your mind.

Unfortunately, letting social posts fall to the wayside is a common mistake breweries make during this critical marketing period. So how can you make sure you’re ahead of the game? Four words: social media scheduling tools. Plain and simple, the biggest reason to schedule social media posts is to help regain control of your time. With it, you’ll be able to overcome the social media time suck many people often experience. Need more convincing? Read below for more insider information.

Why Scheduling Is The Way to Go

You’ll Have Time for Other Tasks. If you take the time to build an audience, you’ll want the time to interact with them. Write a blog post for your website. Finalize details at your brewery. Engage with potential customers. By utilizing a scheduling tool, you can post content without logging into multiple accounts multiple times per day, saving you tons of valuable time.

You’ll have content ready to post ahead of time. Once you create a schedule and plan your content in advance, you’ll have posts ready for the next few weeks (or months if you’re extra ambitious). That will give you time to add trending content to your pages when it pops up. It might take some time dedication at the beginning, but it will be well worth your efforts in the long run.

You’ll Have a Consistent Schedule. This one seems obvious, right? When you create a schedule, you’re more likely to stick to it. You can determine how frequently you want to post (and to which sites) from the onset, and once you’ve detailed your plan, you don’t have to spend precious time thinking about it. With plenty of social media scheduling tools at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to post consistently without the hassle – and that means your social media profiles will stay active and engaged. Even better!

You’ll easily be able to repurpose your content. When you start scheduling your posts, you should also be able to see your engagement metrics – things like reach, likes, comments, shares, and more. The data you collect will help you determine which content performed best with your followers. Let’s say you post a photo showing a beer flight and your audience seems to react well to it. You can use that information to help guide your decisions for future photos to share on your page.

Scheduling Tools Worth Considering

We’ve given reasons to support the idea of using social media scheduling tools, but what tools are available to you? Facebook has one built straight into their pages. Through the site, you’re able to schedule and manage posts directly, which makes it incredibly efficient for you – and, of course, saving time is what this is all about.

HootSuite has a free scheduler available that allows you to pre-plan for posts on both Facebook and Twitter. You can log in to your HootSuite account and schedule your content to post to both platforms. That’s especially ideal for Twitter users, because you can schedule multiple tweets to post throughout the day without having to stay chained to your account. Depending on your content needs, you can opt in to the paid version for additional support and functionality, though the free one is more than sufficient for most brewers.

Our personal favorite is Buffer, which allows you to set a schedule for sharing content that’s released over time. Simply install the browser plugin, hit the share button when you see an interesting article or video online, and then let Buffer automatically post it based on a calendar that you set. This is powerful, because it takes a step out of the process, and allows you to publish content a little faster than other platforms. It’s definitely worth checking out. If you’re willing to pay a fee (it ranges based on your needs), you’ll have access to numerous capabilities and resources.

Final Thoughts and Next Steps

The benefits of scheduling social media posts are easy to see, but some platforms better support impromptu posts. When determining which social media accounts to pursue, keep in mind that Facebook and Twitter are ideal for scheduled posts. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram work best with spontaneous posts, so don’t hesitate to publish them. Social media scheduling is like a security blanket, helping you organize posts and managing the time it takes to get them on your page. But don’t let it prevent you from posting great, in-the-moment content, either.

Social media is a powerful tool that enables you to reach existing and potential customers every day. You might not have the opportunity to connect with all of your fans face-to-face, but you can deliver messaging to them that keeps them engaged with you and your brewery. Plus, reaching people outside of your current customer base is one of the greatest benefits of social media. Let those closest to you and your brewery help spread the word for you.