These Breweries Are Totally Doing Twitter Right

We’ve identified several breweries who are navigating Twitter with ease, and seeing huge engagement numbers and user interactions because of it.

Tweet, tweet! That’s Twitter calling, and as a brewery owner, you’d be wise to answer. If you don’t currently have a Twitter account, you’ll want to secure your handle and get started as quickly as possible. But what makes it an ideal channel for you?

To start, though the site has experienced some challenges with user retention and growth, it’s still one of the most widely adopted social media platforms. It sees a staggering number of monthly active users – more than 320 million, to be exact. They represent several key demographics (re: your target audience is likely using it) and are highly engaged when it comes to online commerce.

Additionally, more than half of Twitter users reported buying a product they first saw through the network. To break that down even more simply: sharing your brewery’s exclusive content could lead to an increase in sales. That alone is worth its weight in beer. However, a common complaint about the platform is the 140-character text limit and sometimes “confusing” user experience.

Luckily, we’ve identified several breweries who are navigating Twitter with ease, and seeing huge engagement numbers and user interactions because of it. Check out what makes these brands stand out, and how you can emulate them through your own account.

Dogfish Head Brewery

As any good content marketer will tell you, open-ended questions will become your best friend on social media, and Twitter is no exception.The well-known Dogfish Head Brewery (@dogfishbeer) out of Milton, Delaware uses this strategy well by asking a question that corresponds with their brew, Beer to Drink Music To ‘17.

In this example, they pair great photography with their product, and then further engage their followers by asking a simple question. It makes sense given the name of the beer, is fun and easy to answer, and led to great engagement on the post.

Samuel Adams

It should come as no surprise that such a well-known brewery would make our list of best brands on Twitter. Sam Adams (@SamuelAdamsBeer) is just too good to ignore. They are exceptional at incorporating trending hashtags into their posts while ensuring the product remains the focus. That’s easier said than done. It’s relatively easy to spot a trend and tweet about it, but to do so in a way that highlights your brand and makes people want to engage takes a certain amount of flair.

Samuel Adams used the trending #DraftDay to divert attention from the NFL draft and spin it to fit with their beers. First of all, that’s really clever. Secondly, the line, “a great pick from the first round to the last” is the perfect pun. Pair that with a high-quality image and you have all the makings of a well-planned Twitter post. You can emulate them, too, by watching for trending hashtags that could work with your brewery and planning content that fits with it. It helps to know when major events – like the draft – are on the horizon so you’ll be prepared when other users inevitably start talking about them. Try creating a calendar with newsworthy national events and happenings, and then watch for opportunities to relate it back to your brewery.

Kona Brewing Co.

Kona Brewing Company (@KonaBrewingCo) is known for its artistic label designs, which makes the brewery an ideal subject for incredible photography. They capitalize on that further by retweeting or sharing imagery curated from their fans and followers. Take this post, for example.

They branded the user-generated content with a custom “Fan Pic” icon, which tells the user that this is a frequent occurrence and something that’s important to the brand. Then they gave photo credit to the contributor and used their handle to tag them in the post, along with including the source. In this example, the image came from Instagram, which allows Kona Brewing Co. to tell followers that they also have a presence on that platform and are engaging with fans there, too. Double bonus.

You don’t have to create custom logos or stickers like Kona did to make this work for you. Simply encourage followers to tag your brewery in their posts and watch for photography you can share across your platforms. Make sure you give photo credit to the user and try to incorporate their handle. If you’re sharing on Twitter and discovered the content on Instagram (or vice versa), include that information in your post to alert followers to your other social platforms.

Bell’s Brewery

A family-owned and independent brewery in Michigan, Bell’s Brewery (@BellsBrewery) is a great brand to follow on Twitter. They consistently post high-quality imagery, share news and events with followers, and deliver interesting and relevant content.

One of their better post examples is successful for two reasons. First, it showcases the thoughtfulness behind their label design and pays homage to their Great Lakes roots. Secondly, it redirects users to their website, using an intriguing question to entice the reader to click through to learn more. It’s a clever way to encourage people to visit their page without simply adding a URL to the site. Plus, it serves up supplemental content that gives some more background on Bell’s Brewery and the context behind their labels. That deserves a cheers!

Cigar City

Cigar City Brewing (@CigarCityBeer) is a small, but mighty, establishment out of Tampa, Florida. They’re known for their Jai Alai IPA and a pretty amazing lineup of tasting room events, the latter of which is the focus of this post.

Cigar City has a resident Cicerone and Certified BJCP Beer Judge on staff (Neil Callaghan) and they use him wisely by planning special tasting events and learning sessions in their taproom. Then, they share those exclusive event invitations through Twitter, and encourage sign-ups through their website. Again, that’s another chance for them to interact with followers outside of the platform, and potentially in-person at the event.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have Neil to achieve the same effect. By planning tasting events or information sessions in your taproom, you have the ability to connect with your followers on another level, too. Simply share the invite with your Twitter followers and redirect them to an events calendar or blog on your website to sign up or learn more.

Stone Brewing

Straight out of Escondido, California is Stone Brewing (@StoneBrewingCo), another great brewery to add to your must-follow list. This post stands out because it successfully accomplishes engagement using multiple tactics.

A follower tweeted the brewery using the trending hashtag, “nationalbeerday,” paired with a direct question for Stone Brewing and a photo of one their beers. The brewery quickly retweeted the post, incorporating the original tweet and user handle, and answered the question with a clever response. What could have been a simple question and answer became an opportunity for more engagement, and Stone Brewing capitalized on it.

This is an easy strategy to incorporate into your social media content. Watch for interactions and questions from current followers and respond with unique, funny, or witty statements (when applicable, of course). It allows you to showcase your brewery’s personality while addressing fans directly, which will keep them engaged and coming back for more.

We’ll close with the biggest takeaway from this post. When it comes to social media interactions, it doesn’t matter if your brewery is big or small, on the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest or anywhere in between. Twitter users want to interact with brands who are purposeful in their posts and authentic in their conversations. If you genuinely care to learn more about your customers and plan your social media content accordingly, they’ll respond in kind.

Remember to give your page some personality and keep your posts light, upbeat and informational. Respond to questions, retweet your followers, and watch for opportunities to engage (like photo sharing or tagging). By doing so, you’ll become a brand on Twitter that fits in with the likes of Samuel Adams, Dogfish Head, Kona, and more. Happy tweeting!